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Monday, February 06, 2006

It's sad (pornish)

So I receive an email from one of my friends. To protect him we'll use a common name like, oh I don't know, Joe. Anyways, "Joe" is just getting into the world of the internet but doesn't know how to find things. I offer to help him out. In today's email from him he writes: "I want pictures of a girl blowing a horse." This brings me to today's column.
It's sad.
It's sad that I was asked to find pictures of girls and horses.
It's sad that I could find it in 2 seconds.
It's sad that I could do this with Google.
It's sad that I then had to look through these pictures to find the best pictures to send to my friend. Because, really, if you're going to send pictures of beastiality they better be good pictures of beastiality.
It's sad that this was his first request. Most people start off small. They ask for pictures of lesbians, school girls, 3 somes. Horses should be around the 20th thing you ask for, if at all, after everything previously starts to bore you.
It's sad that I will be asked to look up things that are much, much worse for him.

Finally, it's sad that those of you reading this are thinking to yourself, "I'd like to see those pictures".

Because this is hopefully my one and only horse cock post, I'll throw in some pictures for you. Hung like a horse pictures.


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