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Thursday, June 22, 2006

AT home, at work, for fun (An update on June 21.)

Ok, so I haven’t written in a while and everyone is wondering what I’m up to. First of all, remember that I’m on a three hour time difference than the rest of you. So when I wake up, you’ve been up at least 3 hours and have probably, or hopefully, already started your day. By the time night comes along and I would be ready to sit online and talk, pretty much everyone is asleep or out drinking. Also, Caitlin and her family keep me pretty busy. I’m only writing now because I didn’t go take the dog for a walk tonight. So, how to break this up? I think I’ll do “at home”, “at work”, and “for fun”. Does that work for you too? Good.
At home:
Well home is Los Gatos, a suburb of San Jose. Netflix, Google, Yahoo, eBay, and a bunch of other internet and computer companies are all based in this county. That means there are people with a ton of money that are inflating prices for the people that have lived here 20 plus years (like Caitlin’s family). I don’t know what this has to do with being at home, but I had to put it somewhere. Most days there’s a ton of stuff to do. Well, not so much a lot of stuff, but no where is close by. For my NY brothers and sisters, it would be like going to buy groceries in Sackets, the mall in Carthage, and then back for Subway in Watertown. I probably complain too much, since I’m used to doing things when I get around to it (never). However today was quite busy as I plugged up both the toilet and the shower. I only took a dump in one of those spots though. Guess which one. Play along at home. I’m trying to read for fun, research, and motivation. Plus we signed up for Netflix so every day we have a new DVD to watch. We’re currently making our way through Charmed Season 1. There’s always a ton of stuff to do, which means I’ve lost a little weight but not enough to show yet. Actually, there’s too much to do. Since I’ve been here there has been an MMA tournament, Lucha Libre, a Book convention, and porn star autograph signings. All of which I missed because there was other stuff we had to do first. I’m actually nearly 2 weeks behind on my wrestling.
At work:
So I’ve been hired by the wonderful company known as Rite-Aid. I get to wear a nice gray polo shirt and black pants in 100 degree CA weather. The first two days I did nothing but straighten up the aisles. I started to dream about it. I was ready to quit. Then they trained me on register. I have never seen more MILF types with fake breasts in my life. Well not since Mel discovered MILF Hunter. Or was it Bang Bus? Either way, you get the point, there’s a lot of fake ness. So now 5 days a week, 8-9 hours a day I work the register and 90% of the customers are fake tan, fake hair, fake breasts women. Or Mexican. Also, unlike NY all forms of liquor can be sold in grocery stores. There are a lot of people buying vodka and brandy at 10am. They honestly need to hire more people. There were only 2 people closing the other night, including me (the newbie). It is also the home of Thrifty ice cream, the little ice cream stand that has been there for generations. And generations at a time come up for their 99 cent scoops. Like any retail job there are some great people that come in and some you just want to punch in the face. By the way, pseudophedrine is about to be an illegal chemical. You have to be ID to buy it, (over 18) and can only buy 2 grams worth of it a week. Why? Because Sudafed is used to make meth. So this family, who acted fresh off the boat from, I don’t know, Russia, come in and try to buy 5 huge boxes of Sudafed. They only have a passport, no state ID, so I cant sell it to them. And even if I could, I cant sell that much. The woman, in her stilted English, goes on and on about how unfair this is. They just moved to this country, yet they’re buying $100 worth of de-moisturizing stuff for the basement of their house. (They have a house already.) Because no one has been in the basement for 8 months. (They’ve been in the country for 8 months.) Then the woman asks if she can use her Costco card (much like Sam’s Club) as her state ID. (She hasn’t been here long enough to have any US ID but she does have her Costco card.) Now let’s see, immigrants, buying in bulk, with a room sealed off that they don’t go into for 8 months. Yeah, I would say that’s exactly the type of people that might be making meth.
For fun:
I’m working on my novel, short stories, and my big essay/article/book on comics. As I post on my blogs, I’ve read a ton of graphic novels this year with more to come. We take lots of walks with the dog, Rascal, which I think are really walks for me and the dog is an excuse. Lots of DVD watching, as I said. And lots of eating out. No, no, not like that. The food here is amazing. I’ve been meaning to post a blog reviewing the places we’ve eaten at. Mexican, Chinese, and the sushi. Oh my. The sushi. I keep up on Watertown thanks to www.newzjunky.com (cheap plug).

I think I’ll stop for tonight. It is incredibly hot here right now for some reason. We install an AC tomorrow, then I get to enjoy it by going to work for 9 hours, until 1030pm, then going right back at 7am. I cant wait until I’m a famous writer and don’t need to do this retail job stuff anymore, but by the time I’m done for the day I’m too tired to write. Maybe I should start taking more caffeine. Or meth. Where did that Russian family go?


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