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Sunday, August 13, 2006

A movie review from Steve "Guts":


So I saw Pulse tonight, the horror movie about dead people trying to break into our world and suck our lives from our souls. Originally it was opening March 3rd, the date proudly displayed on posters and ad materials. Then it was August, then it was September, then it was August again, then another date in August. It drops tomorrow and I took a chance on watching it tonight. The main reason was Kristen Bell, who I am now deeply in love with. Not just because she is hot but because she is such a good actress and really appears to have something going on upstairs. She is, for those that dont know, the title character in Veronica Mars.

Some movies are shuffled around the release schedule and in the process are unfairly tainted and thought to be bad movies, unreleasable. Some are actually good ones that are kinda out-there and are difficult to find homes on the release schedule for. And some are just garbage. Pulse (2/10) is garbage. There are some good ideas, but its all build-up, and very little payoff. So little payoff that I very nearly wrote, "all build-up and no payoff." But there is a bit at the end where it is all supposed to come together. I assure you it does not. It is an ending where you think, "I took this journey to get HERE????" Thankfully, the journey is 87 minutes long. You wont be investing that much in it, which works because you get next to nothing in return. Please do yourselves a favor and save the $8. I'm seeing World Trade Center and the rest of Talladega Nights sometime this week, thoughts will follow.

You know what you should see instead of Pulse? THE DESCENT (8.5/10). A new british import horror movie. It is kickass. Bloody, gory and VERY suspenseful. Images from that movie will haunt your dreams. If you give yourself over to it and let it fuck with you, its a wild ride. If you go into it with a chip on your shoulder and plan on not being scared or thrilled, you likely wont. If thats your thing, then fine. But I assure you it is a descent worth taking. I wont spoil the cool shit for those who will eventually see it. Its been years since a horror movie actually had me watching my back as I walked through the parking lot.....because you never know what's behind you. All I will say is that I am never going cave diving, no sir....because you never know what's down there waiting for you....

Thank you Steve.


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