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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

ECW Review 9/19/06

Always a good time while watching ECW, I know some people can't stand the new version but I look forward to it every week.
This week...
King Booker was the invited guest to ECW. After meeting some of the Extremists in the back ("What's his name? Bawls?") Booker is challenged to a match by his former tag team championship partner RVD. RVD loses to Booker in the main event after interference by Hardcore Holly. This match was Extreme Rules, so no DQ due to Holly.
In other matches...
Trinity is back! Oh wait, she was just backstage.
Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, and Sabu vs Mike Knox, Test, and Matt Striker.
Striker takes out Sandman who is helped to the back. The match becomes a two on one and honestly we've seen it before. I'm bored with Knox and Test already. Hopefully Striker will liven it up soon. Win for the ECW Originals team when Test gets DQed for using a chair.
CM Punk again defeated Shannon Moore. The crowd popped for Punk when he came out, but was dead during the match. Even CM looked confused. As much as I'm a fan, maybe changing up the move set in your matches would get the crowds back into it, Punk.
Kevin Thorn vs Balls Mahoney. Balls brings out Francine in her ECW on SciFi debut! Francine and Ariel get into a good old fashioned ECW catfight (hopefully the first of many). Thorn gets the win with a Razor's Edge bomb/ crucifix bomb thing.

With a ton of guys in the back that weren't on TV tonight I'd like to see ECW give Mike Knox and Test a week or two off TV. Also, give Punk someone else to wrestle, maybe someone to test him. (No not Test.)

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