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Friday, August 25, 2006

The Rite-Aid ghost bear.

See the pictures? That's one scary fucking bear right there. And it doesnt have any eyes! Oh yeah, if you cant see the pictures go to dieseldecent.blogspot.com I uploaded them correctly there but I'm having trouble with the other sites.
This is the bear that's on all baby oil, powder, basically all baby products sold at Rite Aid. This is supposed to be comforting? It has no pupils! It has no soul! But wait, the Ghost Bear effects every day at Rite Aid. There is a security system, but not much of one at the store. It works like this. One of the security tags found in or on such items as liquor, condoms, teeth whitening, and some pills, goes off. Myself or another cashier looks at the door, nods at the thief in question, and goes back to the task we were on. No security guard, no calling police, no cameras. Sure Los Gatos is a rich neighborhood but shoplifters can drive, dont 'cha know?
Anywho, lately the alarm has gone off when no one is around! The automated doors will open (then close, they work in pairs like that) and the alarm will go off. But not a soul is in sight. Because the ghost bear has no soul!
Also, there is some sort of alarm, beeping noise, whatever that comes from the ice cream cooler. Some say it goes off when the temperature is being reset for efficient, um, cool-ness. No, I say its one of those cold spots that any ghost hunting show looks for.
Step 1, go into haunted place.
Step 2, find an area that is many degrees colder than the surrounding areas for no reason.
Step 3, piss yourself.

I blame any odd happenings at Rite Aid on the ghost bear. Any missing product is the ghost bear's fault too. I was just hanging on to it for him.


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