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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Civil War .4 review (contains tons of spoilers!)

Civil War ..4
Thor shows up and hes pissed. Hes also speaking English pretty well, which if youve ever read Thor before you know he seems to have problems with that. Only on page 2 and Thor already tries to kill the members of the Resistance movement. Something tells me this isnt Thor. Iron Man has beaten down Captain America to where the Cap is barely conscious. The pro registration group stands around looking at Thor when at least two of them (Spider-Man and Invisible Woman look like theyre starting to change their minds. Iron Man is about to take out Cap when out of nowhere Hercules shows up! Herc creates a diversion, Falcon saves Cap and the anti-reg group looks to be coming back, until Thor blows a hole through the torso of Goliath! (Formerly Black Goliath because, well, he is.) Thor is about to destroy the rest of Caps team when his blast is stopped by what? Its Invisible Woman putting a dome around Thor and, apparently, changing sides. Both sides look more beaten down than any comic battle you can think of. Debris everywhere, torn costumes, rain, this is war. Caps team escapes and the revelations keep coming. Thor is actually a Thor clone built by Reed Richards. Huh? How many more clones does he have? Of which heroes? This could get ugly. Spider-Man in his everyman role puts it best, I thought you said you knew what you were doing, Tony. I thought we were doing this so no one else got hurt. Add in a cameo by the Watcher and we the readers see just how big (and sad) this has become. Hank Pym makes a disturbing revelation to Spider-Man back at Avengers Mansion. He and Tony Stark cloned a god (Thor) out of a strand of hair that Iron Man has been hanging onto since the first meeting of the Avengers. One, this seems a lot like JLA: Tower of Babel where it was revealed that Batman has kept secret files on all of his teammates. Two, what else does Iron Man have up his iron sleeve? Goliaths funeral (taking up 36 burial spots) is unintentionally funny. The issue ends with the balance of power in Captain Americas favor. So Iron Mans team needs to find reinforcements which they find in, where else, the villains. The issue ends with Venom, Bullseye, Lady Deathstrike and others ready to unleash hell.
Tune in next month for the rest of Civil War or tomorrow for more reviews!

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