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Thursday, September 21, 2006

TNA Impact Review August 17, 2006

TNA Impact Review August 17, 2006

Good brawl featuring the players from all the major storylines to start the show. I like it when wrestling shows start like that, it makes new viewers think that these people are always fighting against each other, instead of having coffee together in the back. The funniest part is Jeff Jarrett coming out to set off his fireworks in the midst of all the chaos. Theres a difference between being hated because youre a good heel and being hated because youre a douche. Jarretts a douche.
Recap of the Hard Justice PPV.
Jeremy Borach and Eric Young interaction/witty banter.
Nothing of note in either of these.
Alex Shelly and Johnny Devine & Petey Williams vs. Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, and Sonjay Dutt
The faces have teamed up numerous times, so again we have an Impact match with the seen it before aura. Usual spot fest from the X-Division with a brawl between referee Mark Slick Johnson and fired referee Earl Hebner. Yet another storyline that needs to go away. The faces pull off the rowboat move with their opponents legs, a move I havent seen since the height of midget wrestling. Chris Sabin pins Johnny Devine to give the faces the win. Maybe Im not in the mood to watch TNA tonight because I cant bring myself to care.
Hard Justice recap.
Christian Cage explains why he turned on Sting. It doesnt make much sense.
Chris Daniels cuts a bloody promo to challenge LAX for the tag title belts. Konnan responds and tells everyone he has muy pantalones. My Spanish is rusty but I think that means he has many pants. I dont understand this as an insult, maybe hes mocking people that wear tights.
Bobby Roode promo and his search for a manager. I dont know where this storyline is going, but I hope it ends with Traci Brooks back on TV.
Chris Harris vs. Kazarian vs. Chase Stevens vs. BG James
Winner gets a number one contender shot at the tag team titles for his team. Chase Stevens wins for the Naturals after more miscommunication with the members of AMW.
Samoa Joe vs. Ron Killings
With rumors that Killings is on his way out of TNA and Joe having an undefeated streak, Im not expecting anything other than Joe winning. Rather impressive suplex by Killings was the only thing of note in the match. Joe wins with the Muscle Buster, no surprise.
Jeff Jarrett interview. Sets up Sting vs. Jarrett rematch at Bound for Glory, career vs. title match.

Overall the opening brawl was the only good part of the show. Other than that, I could have skipped it and not missed a beat of the TNA soap opera.

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