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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Comics Reviews from September 20, 2006 Part 2

Comics Reviews from September 20, 2006 Part 2

Civil War: X-Men #3
Bishop is loaded up with energy from Cyclops's optic blasts and has to shoot the energy into space before he explodes. Micromax has the greatest costume accessory ever - an iPod. Johnny Dee is a mutant (maybe) mentally controlling the 198. (Who are the 198? Way too long for me to get into yet, wait til I..ve read the graphic novel.) Dee has "eggs" with little voodoo dolls inside of them that look like any mutant he's touched. With these eggs and his dolls he can control the mutants and does so to make Cyclops attack Bishop and have the 198 attack each other. How do I explain the rest is less time than it takes to read the comic? Bishop and his group are with Iron Man's pro-registration side. Cyclops, Archangel, Iceman, Beast and most of the 198 under Domino's leadership are on Captain America..s anti-registration side. Johnny Dee has been manipulated from a prison by Lazer, the government official in charge of Bishop's troops. Lazer gets found out, Valerie Cooper is put in control, and we have a cease fire between the mutants. Problem is that the 198 are now locked inside a compound designed to destroy WMDs. It will take the X-Men outside 6-7 hours to get inside and rescue them, however the whole place is going up in 90 minutes. Yeah, I'm looking forward to next issue.

Civil War Files #1
This is a dossier of Iron Man's files on different superheroes. It's also a pain to read because its white type on black paper. I'll post a review when I have more time to squint and try to make out the words.

Claw the Unconquered #4
An alright pseudo barbarian tale. Claw has a claw on his hand while he rides across this land. The creators are coming up with a long history of Claw's world and it looks rather interesting. A definite graphic novel read, but Claw gives a good quick read that feels worth the time in the single issues full of werewolves, half naked women, and of course Claw himself.

Claws #2
Didn't you just review this? No, its not Claw, its Claws. The adventures of Wolverine and Black Cat. Really, really not good. They end up on an island together where someone is trying to kill them. I'll save you the money, its Arcade. They fall into traps too easily, both are written out of character and its overall just terrible. The mini-series is an excuse to see how much torture they can put Wolverine through. Why is Black Cat there then? I don't know, T and A factor I guess. Skip this one.

DC Fifty Two Week 20
I'm going to review the entire 52 series soon so this one will have to wait.

More to come later tonight or tomorrow. I have to get it done soon so I can start reviewing all of this week's comics. Too much to read but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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