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Thursday, September 28, 2006

New Comics from 9/20/06 review part 1

Birds of Prey #98
Apparently theres a new Batgirl in town and she looks a lot like Barbara Gordon. Mostly a lot of talking and exposition, but at the end we find out that the new Batgirl is a meta (super powered person). She teleports to save Huntress from a bullet, then teleports away - blood and all - to reappear next to Barbara Gordon (Oracle). An alright mystery, but not enough to get me hooked.

Blade of the Immortal #117
This is the first issue of this comic that I have ever read, and it being 117 issues old I have no idea what I read. Something about people not being otters and being stuck in service to someone for 10 years. I dont know. I might like it if I started from the beginning, but if you havent then Id skip this comic.

Blade #1
Too much happens in this issue. Maybe the details will come out later, but theres a lot of loose plots at the end of the comic. Spider-Man becomes a vampire, when the hell did that happen? Blade kills a bunch of kids who have been turned into vampires, no remorse shown. Blades origin is retold, his father is introduced. Oh yeah, and theres a secret group of SHIELD made up of vampires. This is at least a years worth of storylines crammed into 22 pages. What happened to a slow burn to a story? Hopefully the graphic novel of the first 6-8 issues will be a better balanced read but for now Blade is a lot of quick action with no plot.

Catwoman #59
Theres a new villain on the loose, Film Freak! He commits his murders by reenacting scenes from different movies, chronologically. Also, Selena the original Catwoman has to rescue the new Catwoman from wrongful imprisonment in a Gotham jail. But first she has to find a babysitter. Thats right Catwoman has a baby with Wildcat from JSA. If you dont know whats going on its all part of DC Comics 1 Year Later plan. Like with so many comics though, it was a lot of set up to get me to buy the next issue but overall I didnt care enough.

Checkmate #6
I couldnt bring myself to give a damn about Checkmate. But the Suicide Squad? Now were talking! Checkmates members have a lot of talking, you owe me, what about this thing that happened five years ago type of discussions. Way too much talking. But the Suicide Squad fights, squabbles, dont trust each other, and overall act as villains should act. Mirror Master continues to become a prime villain and not a joke done in one issue B-list rogue. The ambush at the end gives a great cliffhanger that has me anticipating the next issue of what should be called Suicide Squad #7.

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