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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Random wrestling notes for the week.

Random wrestling notes for the week.

TNA and Kurt Angle.
Sure, its a huge deal for TNA. They signed one of WWEs biggest names from the last 5 years. But theres a reason why they signed him. He was fired from WWE, because hes a drug addict that will end up hurting/killing himself or someone else. Im a huge fan of Angle and TNA but TNA should have taken the high road (along with any other wrestling or MMA company) and refused to sign Angle for his own good. Whatever money he makes TNA will be nothing compared to how much theyre going to have to pay for lawyers and a good PR team when CNN starts to ask why an Olympic gold medalist is dead.

Amazing show! Hardcore Holly shows everyone that while hes a dick, hes also truly hardcore. He lives the gimmick. Holly was put through a table with the result being a deep gash across his back 12-18 inches long. Then he goes on to finish the match! CM Punk gives a promo good enough to make me care about his feud with Mike Knox. Ariel vs. Francine Extreme Catfight was everything Ive been waiting for except no where near long enough. Hopefully a rematch will happen soon. Big Show vs. Sandman was a glorified squash but at least Sandman got in some offense.

Not much good on this weeks show. Eric Bischoff is back and hopefully that means a good Eric vs. DX or Vince storyline coming up. His book sounds like a must buy too. Shelton and Coach had a great exchange in the back that was the best Coach has ever sounded. Granted, the racism thing is ridiculous, but heres hoping something good comes out of it, like a set of balls for Coach. King Booker has been hilarious and his beat down of Cena was a great way to end the show plus build up Friday Night Smackdown! The womans title tournament needs to get better real quick. Granted it was only Candice that got taken out, but still why bother with such a non-match? Of course, thats for those of you that could see it. The power outage at the beginning of Raw was sadly one of the best things of the night. The question still remains though, why did the commercials for Raw say to not miss the first 10 minutes? Nothing earth shattering happened on the whole show, much less the first 10 minutes. I wonder what might have been.

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