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Thursday, October 12, 2006

ECW 10/03/06
I’m going to try writing my reviews this way: bullet points for what happened, then opinions at the end. We’ll see if I like it or not. I don’t care that much if you don’t like it.
Hardcore Holly and Paul Heyman watch footage from last week when Holly got injured. Holly demands to wrestle but Paul wont let him due to the injury. Holly threatens Heyman only to get knocked down from a chairshot to the back by Test.
Opening of the show.
Sandman and Sabu vs. Matt Striker and the Big Show. Striker and Show win.
Kelly Kelly and Trinity promote the Extreme Strip Poker on next week’s ECW. They call their breasts “aces” and a “full house” respectively. Yes, its ironic to use respectively in that description.
Kevin Thorn (with Ariel) vs. Tommy Dreamer. Thorn wins after hitting Dreamer in the temple with Thorn’s Goth walking stick.
A Marine trailer is played.
Maria promotes Extreme Strip Poker. She tells us that the superstars have instructed her to throw away anything that matches because then, “everyone wins”.
CM Punk vs. Danny Doring. Punk wins, no surprise. After the match Kelly Kelly gets Punk’s attention and starts to dance for him. Mike Knox (Kelly’s boyfriend) comes out and stops her, then issues a warning to Punk. Punk in so many words tells Knox that Kelly wants Punk and if Knox cant deal with it then bring it. Knox runs to the ring to bring it, but its never brought. He walks away to continue the story until next week.
Ashley and Kristal promote the Extreme Strip Poker. Ashley looks horrible for some reason, too much makeup is my guess.
Extreme Rules Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Test. Paul Heyman and his private security (the Basham brothers under riot gear) come to the ring right after Test goes through a table. Test throws RVD to the floor where the Bashams attack him. Test wins after Big Show knocks RVD off the top rope and through a table.

It’s amazing how much fit into this hour long show. As terrible as the new ECW was when it started its really becoming something good, but there are still problems. Not only does Danny Doring need to either get into better shape or be fired, but its time for Punk to have some challenging matches. Unfortunately Mike Knox will not be one of them. I heard all week that the main event was the best match Test has ever had. Now while he’s never used his power and size better, finally he looks like a monster, I wouldn’t call it a great match. Good, and very good for Test, but not great. Hardcore Holly as a good guy only because of his fluke injury is an interesting idea. It seems his best pushes follow his injuries. Matt Striker and Big Show made a great tag team, and if they were on Raw or Smackdown they would deserve a long reign as tag champs. There’s a great in ring chemistry with them and hopefully its not the last time they team up.

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