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Saturday, May 24, 2003

Tonight I went to see Bruce Almighty with Katie. If you see it and live in Watertown you'll get a kick out of the coincidence that the TV station in the movie is 7 News. The competing station is Channel 5. And when you see Jim Carrey knock a plate of food out of someones hands just picture Mel instead. The laughs just keep coming. Anyways, this really is a good movie but its really a romantic comedy in disguise. Your views on religion wont be questioned or changed like a movie such as Dogma would do for you. But its still a funny enjoyable comedy. Like most of us men would do when given the power of God, Bruce (Jim Carrey) uses his powers for money sex, and whats best for Meeeee first of all. As the movie progresses he learns lessons from the real God (Morgan Freeman) and his girlfriend, Grace (Jennifer Anniston). The lessons amount to the fact that the special person wasnt the Bruce with God's powers but the Bruce that was inside all along. Its a funny movie, Jennifer Anniston is B-E-A-utiful as always. Catherine Bell from J.A.G. has a role in the movie as well, basically as hot looking competition with no real role. But hot chicks and a funny movie, Score!!! Im not Harry Knowles so Im not here to pick apart the movie. Its a good flick, time well spent, so go see it. Later!

Alright, first blog ever. I'm really not sure what I'm doing yet. Its 1237 EST and I'm watching Craig Kilborn. I have a good bowl of Special K loaded with sugar in front of me so it looks like a good night. I'm going to try to post on this as much as I can. Ive tried web sites and journals and all but this seems like it will work. Anyways, I'll have some more here in a bit, as soon as I'm sure I did all of this correctly.